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Posted By: Grab
26-Nov-04 - 08:18 AM
Thread Name: Strings and Things
Subject: RE: Strings and Things
StringsDirect are very good on guitar strings. Short on strings for other instruments, but good for guitar strings, and also for anything else guitar-based you want to order (except the guitars and amps themselves). StringsDirect website.

You can actually go to Google and go a search for "guitar strings uk". As well as the hits in the search, you'll get ads down the right-hand side.

I also use Newtones on my guitars, and you can get them from StringsDirect too. They've got a lovely rich sound to them which is just great. 12s seem to me to be about the best, unless you've got a heavily-built guitar that needs more of a kick to get it moving. I've currently got a set on my mando as well, but I don't really like them on that - mandolins inherently have a complex sound, so the mandolin and strings seem to fight each other and the sound suffers. D'Addarios seem to be better for that.

I'll second (third? fourth?) the opinions about mahogany - I found it didn't have the same depth of sound that rosewood does. But more significant than the wood is the way the maker puts them together - internal bracing and all that. Guitars by the same maker will generally sound similar regardless of wood, much more so than guitars made of the same wood by different makers. And of course the body shape (dread vs. narrow-waisted) has the biggest difference.