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Posted By: Bruce O.
09-Nov-99 - 10:36 PM
Thread Name: ABC software
Subject: RE: BS: ABC software
Many thanks to all above for the advice. I've started renumbering in my ABC files so X:n designation are all in ascending order with no misses and no duplicates, so I'll be able to attach a title to the ABC2MIDI numbers.

A complaint that I heard about ABC2WIN is that it sometimes cut the time of the leading note. I hadn't noticed that, but I've noticed that the ending note sometimes gets shortened for a very abrupt ending of some tunes. Both problems can be taken care of for playing by putting in some extra rests, but this fouls up the display, and someone looking at the music would just ignore it, thinking you don't know what you're doing.

I think I'll look at Henik Norbeck's. I gave him some tunes and information that he once wanted, and I think he's now forgiven me for spelling his name Henrick.

People with Apple MacIntosh's seem to like an ABC program called BARFLY pretty well, but I have no experience with it. [e.g., the ABCs of Scottish tunes on Jack Campin's website.]