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Posted By: GUEST,Chief Chaos
24-Nov-04 - 08:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
Subject: RE: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
One: Please stop bashing the whole of the United States for what 52% of the voting population (if it wasn't rigged) approves of.

Two: Just what do you actually want us to do?

If we stop arming the rebels the Janjaweed will surely wipe them out. They've got no qualms about it now.

If we go in without the UN someone will definitely say that we did it for the oil.

If we don't go in someone will definitely say we did it for the oil.

If we do go in with the UN in the lead, we'll be hog tied by the same beurocracy that has a stranglehold on anything that happens there. And need I remind you that the UN has proven to be just as greedy as numerous scandals have illustrated.

I do know one thing. I want it to stop but I'm not sure that you can just lay it all at the feet of the US. There is an African community. There is a muslim community. There is a world community. None are taking action.

On top of this because of the present administration we are presently stretched pretty damn thin, regardless of what the Pentagon says. Should we withdraw troops from Korea to cover this? I for one don't think so. Should we withdraw from Iraq? As much as I'd like that I do believe that at this point it would mean a civil/religeous war. Should we pull out of Afghanistan (troops that weren't pulled for Iraq) and let Al Quaida re-assemble and the war lords go at it again?

And where else should we be? The Ethiopeans seem to be starving again. One of the other African potentates (I forget who) is fomenting violence against citizens because of their skin color (white) and seizing their farms. The Congo seems to be pretty damn unstable as well. Although we currently support Israel I'm pretty sure nobody really wants us to get between them and the Palestinians. There are still civil rights violations on a grand scale in China and Cuba. And come to think of itthe Protestant and Catholic Irish are being civil to each other for the time being but who knows when that could go up in flames? And just north of us the Quebecois would still like a seperate French Canada and have been violent in the past.

It's all very complicated with no easy answers. I'd like for the US to stop meddling but at the same time I know it wouldn't stop anything that's going on.