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Posted By: GUEST,Wolfgang
23-Nov-04 - 06:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
Subject: RE: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
anyone who tries to use race and genetics to try to categorize the people involved is using that issue as a way to manipulate people and promote hatred toward Arabs. (Carol)

I've never been fond of ex cathedra bans of certain thoughts or explanations. The implication that anyone using a particular line of thought is promoting hatred toward Arabs is disingenious at best.

Perhaps it is the theme for a new thread but I fail to see why short term environmental influences (personal experiences, culture) can be used to explain conflicts and why long term environmental influences acting upon genetics are off limits.

Whether it applies to Darfur I don't know, but if you cross Africa from North to South you cannot fail but notice that roughly spoken the Sahara divides people having different skin colour and facial features. The average genetic distance between these two groups is larger than the average genetic distance between other groups living close to each other.

A land I know from own experience is Chad. The North-South conflict is evident in that country and it goes along a genetic divide. In addition to that come religion (Muslim in the North, Christians in the South, and others of course), language (Arab in the North, others in the South) and culture (nomadic in the North, farmers in the south). If you look at the people in general and then at the faces in the government you see easily that the whiter skinned people have a greater chance to get a position in the government.

This could have many reasons but I do not see why of all possible reasons genetics should not be discussed.

Like in the very interesting article linked to by Lepus Rex:

they were regarded as true Muslims only if they adopted Arab values and culture...
northern Sudan was becoming polarised along racial rather than religious lines...
The atrocities carried out by the Janjawiid are aimed at speakers of Fur, Tunjur, Masalit and Zaghawa

The author discusses many reasons, culture, language, race, and others. I fail to see that mentioning the racial aspect among others makes him a promoter of hatred against Arabs.