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Posted By: Peace
21-Nov-04 - 11:18 PM
Thread Name: Buying a 1971 D35 martin
Subject: RE: Buying a 1971 D35 martin
Here's something I did years ago and it works to the advantage of your guitar and the neck. Tune a full tone below concert. That is, every string drops a full tone. It taks a heckuva lotta stress off the neck. It means you will capo more often, because likely you have all the positions and keys that suit your voice. The one place it gives me problems is when I tune the bass string down a full tone for stuff I do in D. The bass string can 'rattle' a bit, and if it's struck too hard with thumb nail or pick, it can wave around the note you're hitting. However, it was a tradeoff, and one I'm glad I made. It will also drive other guitarists nut when they see your fingering and find that they are a tone above you. Buy them a beer and they'll catch on.

The tuning after applying a capo is normal, because the pressure on the strings is 'more' than the pressure you'd apply with your forefinger, IMO.

Something else that helps the strings to equalize their tension is to put graphite in the grooves of the nut. Stops the 'catching' that occurs and makes the equalization take place in a second or two as opposed to ten seconds or so. Means ya don't go out of tune in the first stanza of the song.