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Posted By: freda underhill
21-Nov-04 - 08:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: Silly rhymes anyone?
Subject: RE: BS: Silly rhyms anyone?
a dirhinous camel in Muharbia manic
with a woman was wandering in predictable panic
she was writing athesis on chamelon's cholic
but the ship of the desert was a sly alcoholic
He sucked Hashimayu to riddle his brains
and passed out beneath her berating the rains.
She needed some transport and went up Azrafa
she got it with minties and a sticky red jaffa
she rode past a minister with her bouncing giraffe
her nostrils were sinister and her comments a gaffe
"You meander steatopygously whither and thither
on a creature that elongates and undulates hither,
this life in the desert is a runcible rort
but the locals could tsujigirl such a cerebral sort"
He gazed at chameleons as she gave them quick-eze
in a slithered surrender he fell to his knees
with a barrage of groans about picking a box
he became Zoanthropic and dived for her socks
and rolling his eyeballs he coiled round her waisr
"You'll never thelypthorise me" she snapped with distate,
"You're a politician, not a lizard, go and write a new book"
she shuddered and ran as his tongue went kershlook
she anavanjeared him before he could leap
her aim was as sharp as his fervour was deep
the sounds of the desert blow in timeless ballet
O'er the skeletal charade of his shameless delay
She smiled as she gathered the scattered quick-eze
and road the giraffe with perambular ease
into the sunset and its apricot tones
never thinking to look back at poor Barry Jones...


these strange words are all real and have meanings. a prize to anyone who can give all the meanings correctly.