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17-Nov-04 - 03:40 AM
Thread Name: A little more news on Licensing
Subject: RE: A little more news on Licensing
I have the agenda for this meeting but this is little use as there are no comments on my contribution - as all of them have been sent to the legal section for advice. Perhaps I will see theses comments before the meeting?

There are some comments from the Licensing Manager on some of the other contributions from the public and these are interesting and may be some help to others.

Equity were reported as making "the comment that this conncil is virtually alone in including a paragraph which seeks to encourage the develpoment of live music, dance and theatre - and thanked us very much for this."

The apprasial states that. "Whilst it is nice to receive praise it must be pointed out that this is a Council aim/objective as distinct from a Licensing Authority one."

The Musicians' Union. "Notes with pleasure that WPBC's Statement of Licensing Policy makes reference to live music and, in so doing, demonstrates our commitment to the aims and objectives of the Act." AND "Takes the opportunity to thank WPBC for supporting live music."

After accepting this praise, it is interesting to find later in the document a letter from Feargal Sharkey as Chairman of the Live Music Forum, which suggested some words for inclusion.

The Council wishes to encourage and promote live music, dance and theatre for the wider cultural benefit of the community. We will seek to obtain a balance between the potential for limited neighbourhood disturbance and the benefits of cultural activities, particularly for children, and will not allow the views of vocal minorities to predominate over the general interests of the community.

The appraisal of this was. "For the Committee to consider."

Now all these fine words remain just words. I have pointed out that there are no suggested measures on how this is to be achieved or how effects on live music are to be monitored and suggested that this is addressed in the policy.

Equity went on to suggest that the public are consulted about the amount and type of entertainment in the area so that the Council will know if it is providing this.

The appraisal of this was. "The consultation process was alrady well under way by the time this comment was received and I would also argue that it is not the role of the Licensing Authority to determine such things (see above). The correct procedure for considering such matters is that Licensing Committee would receive reports from other Committees on the following matters to ensure that these are reflectd in their decisions.
-The needs of the local economy and cultural stategy for the Borough, and
-The employment situation in the Borough and the need for investment and employment where appropriate
-The steps taken to disperse people from town centres swiftly and safely to avoid concentrations, which produce disorder and disturbance. (See 5.3 of Licensing Policy)

Equity also expressed that it was important for the policy to include a commitment to licence public land for entertainment purposes for such things as circuses and Punch and Judy shows.

The apprasial was.
"I have already brought this to the attention of Ian Locke and had discussions with Kevin Good [whoever they are] about it suggesting that this is a very sensible way forward. I have set up a meeting of all interested parties in early December as a decision will have to be made as to who, within the Council, will be the licence holder for each area. I don't think it necessarily needs to be referred to in the statement of licensing policy as I am sure this Council will wish to embrace it of their own accord.