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Posted By: Tannywheeler
07-Nov-04 - 06:09 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Subject: RE: Origins: History of Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Guest Susan, I only found this place a few mos. ago, so I missed the earlier postings. I always knew this as a lullaby, and the person named was Aunt Rhody.

1.) Go tell Aunt Rhody,
    (repeat 1st line 2 times)
    Go tell Aunt Rhody, the old grey goose is dead.

2.) The one she's been savin'
    (2 repeats)
    The one she's been savin' to make a feather-bed.

3.) She died in the mill-pond
    (2 repeats)
    She died in the mill-pond, standing on her head.

4.) Gander's in mournin'.
    (2 repeats)
    Gander's in mournin', because his wife is dead.

5.) Goslin's are cryin'.
    (2 repeats)
    Goslin's are cryin', 'cause their mammy's dead.

This works in a rocking chair with a groggy child. In the interests of slowing things down, dragging them out, I always use the 1st verse as a chorus in between verses 3 & 4, and after 5.

Remember you had to raise your own whatever in this country (and others) for a long time. All of life was tied to agriculture. You couldn't go to a discount store and buy a quilt or comforter cheap (made in China or India) with synthetic batting. The insulation/padding was a natural product, as well as the materials used as the covering.