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Posted By: paddymac
04-Nov-99 - 05:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: St Patrick an Englishman ?
Subject: RE: BS: St Patrick an Englishman ?
Well spoken Malcolm. I had the occasion to overhear a pub chat not long ago in which three lads of Old Albion seemed intent on goading a son of the auld sod. The first went up to Paddy and boldy announced that St. Patrick was a poof. Paddy took a sip of his pint and allowed as how he had never heard that before. Frustrated at his inability to provoke Paddy's ire, the lad returned to his mates, whereon the second took up the challenge. He went up to Paddy and loudly proclaimed that Patrick was also a lush and a lout. paddy again fresponded that he had never heard that before, then went back to his pint. The third lad then took up the challenge and loudly proclaimed for all to hear that "St Patrick was an Englishman!". Paddy looked at him calmly and relpied: "Yeah, that's what your mates were telling me." *BG*