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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
04-Nov-99 - 01:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: St Patrick an Englishman ?
Subject: RE: BS: St Patrick an Englishman ?
Have to disagree with Anonymous, who said the invading Angles and Saxons were "more civilized" than the "Brutal Romans". The Roman's strategy in battle was indeed brutal- it was designed to induce immediate capitulation through maximum threat. But once the Romans had conquered a people, as they did the Britons, the members of the population were made Roman Citizens, and enjoyed all of the rights and privileges of the other citizens of the Empire. They also enjoyed a phenomenal improvement in their lifestyles through increased trade, better transportation,and the inter-tribal peace brought by Pax Romana.

Briton was left unguarded after the Legions withdrew in the 5th Century,the troops pulled back to protect the Empire's heart from the incursions of the Germanic and Asiatic tribes. By now, most Celts living within the borders of Roman Britain considered themselves Romans, and in fact were highly interbred with their former conquerors. They had little in common with the barbaric invading Jutes, Angles and Saxons, and fought hard to confine them to Eastern England. Arthur, if he did exist, was probably one of these Celt/Roman Military leaders. The defeat of the Celts resulted in the collapse of law and infra-structure, leaving the Roman roads and Monuments as colossal relics of a long-ago civilized time.