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Posted By: Blackcat2
04-Nov-99 - 10:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: St Patrick an Englishman ?
Subject: RE: BS: St Patrick an Englishman ?
Goodness! Patrick - English!?!

What is next - he didn't actually drive all the snakes off of Erin's green shore????

Like many of the Saints (especially old ones) Patrick's history is fact, conjecture and myth rolled into one and anyone who despirately needs to believe in the absolute truth needs to realize historians just don't know it all. Mr. (or Ms.) "Name Withheld" seems to have the intention of raising the ire (pun intend) of various Mudcatters. 'Tis a shame nobody really care where people come from if their desire is to HELP others. (look at the leaders of the Easter Rebellion - Hollywood would have never written their characters the way they really were.