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Posted By: Scintilla
04-Nov-04 - 09:23 AM
Thread Name: When do you become a musician?
Subject: RE: When do you become a musician?
Good question!

I'm not a professional musician (though I'd love to be!), but I still consider myself to be a musician. For me the term 'musician' is an all-encompassing term meaning a player, listener and lover of music. I don't think you necessarily have to take yourself particularly seriously or profess to be an expert. But I think by calling yourself a musician you are giving yourself a bit of respect for what you do, and that should be encouraged. Us Brits are far too eager to put ourselves down. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing worse than a poser and I'm not saying the term should be used just to impress, but I don't think there's anything wrong with being quietly proud of what you do. As someone who is predisposed to unconfidence and low self esteem I find giving myself the label of musician helps me define who I am. I must admit though I do find the term a bit pretentious when other people say it so I kind of keep it to myself - it's the Brit in me hehe!!

I don't think musicianship is something you are born with - though of course some people are more musical than others. There's no mystery in it - it's not like genius. It's a skill you acquire through passion, hard work and dedication. As I write this I'm realising I suppose there are two arguments here - the philosophical meaning of musician and the technical meaning of musician. Hmm!!!