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04-Nov-99 - 03:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: St Patrick an Englishman ?
Subject: RE: BS: St Patrick an Englishman ?
A horse in a cowshed is still a horse, (saxon wise ass saying!) Anglo/Saxons begun arriving in ???land long before the Romans and it is precisely because of that they already knew what and where to do after the Romans were weakened and finaly defeated. The very same campaigns left the natives easy prey but, as you already know but do not mention at all (wondering why), the new arrivals were a great deal more civilised than the brutal Roman. The A/S settled peacefuly for the most part and a lot of disputes were settle by champions not battles!

More fun, 'eastern Ireland was settled by Anglo-Saxons ... but there was no war or battle they just moved on in there and mingled'

Custom and Culture
There was a gradual change in custom rather than an abrupt one and the native Romano/Celt did not put up much of a fight against the new language! 'Tis easy to see why. Beer