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Posted By: John in Brisbane
15-Oct-04 - 10:05 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Sing Out Back Copies and Scanners
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Sing Out Back Copies and Scanners
Thanks Joe, if this gets too hard I can abandon the pretty table concept and/or the clickable links. My aim here was to ensure that anyone doing a Super Search of the Forum could at least get an indication that the MIDI was available online.

For the sake of brevity I omitted any copyright information which related to individual songs (plus the Sing Out site was inconsistent in the way it treats line braaks and I was too lazy to adjust them manually).

Just for the record I should mention the structure of the MISIs at the Sing Out site. They are fairly mnimalist in that they contain 2 channels(type 1 MIDI) one for the melody and the second for the chords. Chords are played once only until the chord changes, so they're nothing flash to listen to.

How do you figure out what the chords are in the MIDI? I guess that there are three basic answers, but you might have some other ideas:

(1) The luckier ones will hear the chord and know instinctively what the chord is and/or will compare it to a chord played on the instrument of choice, gutiar, harpsichord or autoharp.

(2) Use a commercial program such as Pavane's Chord Fider at, Cakewalk Pro has a chord recognition facility (which I haven't yet tried) or Jammer Pro works well in the free downloads at - I see that V5 is now available which I assume retains the same functionality as my V4. You don't need to be able to read music if you use these programs.

(3) Employ old-fashioned chord theory. There are lots of programs that will allow you to view and/or print the notes. The free download of NoteWorthy Composer at will do the trick for Windows PC's, but you have lots of choices for all sorts of operating systems. If you are able to read the names of the notes in the chords (and it's pretty easy to learn) you could use a $12.95 utility called Music Chord at (I haven''t used it) Just enter the names of the notes and this prog will give it's name virtually regardless of how complex it is.

OR learn some basic chord theory. Let's face it, the vast majority of folk music chords aren't very complicated. 96.25% of songs in the DT are either Major, Minor, Sevenths or occasionally Diminished. Have we had a thread on this subject in the past or does anyone know of a good site that clearly outlines chord theory. I've looked at a dozen or so and they're all a bit too complicated for my liking. Failing this I'm happy to whip up a quick tutorial for folk chord identification.

Feedback is very welcome - as if I could stop you?

Regards, John