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Posted By: John in Brisbane
11-Oct-04 - 03:12 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Sing Out Back Copies and Scanners
Subject: Tune Req: Sing Out Back Copies and Scanners
Sing Out very generously provides MIDIs on its Website for most of the songs and tunes it publishes quarterly. I've identified a number of songs which are missing tunes either in the main Digital Tradition collection or those for which lyrics already exist in the Mudcat Forum.

I'll gladly produce NWC files and/or ABC files with aligned lyrics, but without the printed scores it's often difficult to get dots and lyrics aligned properly (particularly for songs I don't know - that means most of them).

Have considered buying the entire collection of back copies but the cost of the publications plus international postage is beyond my means. Furthermore I can't find a library in Australia which hosts this publication.

My question is - Does anyone, anywhere have a personal collection of Sing Out and would be prepared from time to time to send me a scanned copy of a troublesome song - or any other ideas which might remove the tedium. I suspect that the MIDIs at their Website and the dots that they publish are not identical 'cos I've had to do extensive massaging or lyrics and/or notes to get a proper fit.

On a slight change of subject I will at some stage produce an index of all the MIDIs available at the Sing Out site so that anyone doing a Forum Super Search can as a minimum recognise that a fine tune resource is available for missing tunes.

If you are able to help now or at some stage in the future please let me know. A PM would be fine.

Regards, John