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03-Oct-04 - 09:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
Subject: RE: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
Having read with great interest the above comments, I am relieved to see there are still some people in this mad world still with feeling and understanding. I can assure you no one has any idea what it is like to see fear in the eyes of innocent people who just happen to unfortunate enough to live in a country invaided by a surpressive army. I know because I was once part of that army.I served in Northern Ireland and the Balkans.My father always said that war was started by old men and fought by young men, who's job it was not to question. Well I have been part of group who now feels it is their right to question. I ask the Bush and Blair double act, does the sight of dead women and children caught in yesterdays air strikes in Iraq not affect you ? 75% of those hospitalised yesterday were under 21.My own head still buzzs with actions I myself was involved in, there is no limits in the actions of modern armies to obtain what the leadership wants. Believe me I was told it, as an order.Those who support the actions of these two misguided individuals, and they are misguided, Bush is there to impress daddy, and be the son daddy wanted, not a failure. And Tony is there because British still haven't paid American back the money to cover World War one, let alone World War Two.Must accept that when your armed thugs go into other countries and attempt to rape nations of their faith, traditions and resources, that people will fight back. Not always on the blood soaked soil of their own country.So less tears please when large holes appear in the cities of your countries. Look at yourself and the leadership you elected.