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Posted By: dianavan
02-Oct-04 - 04:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
Subject: RE: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
I do believe you may be right about that Carol C.

It may not play out exactly that way but basically, yeh, commit genocide (and I include those that stand by and watch), watch civil war occur, rush in to stop it and enjoy the spoils. I think its called divide and conquer.

Fill it up, America! (and this includes Canada) Besides the genocide you are allowing to happen, you are destroying the environment to boot. Way to go!

So much for the plaque at Dacchau - Never Again! Yeh, right!

Maybe since the U.S. is so busy, and Canada is so broke, Israel might like to send a few troops to the Sudan. Perhaps Russia or China. Go figure...