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Posted By: CarolC
01-Oct-04 - 11:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
Subject: RE: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
The important question in my mind, dianavan, is why the government of Sudan is encouraging the Arab militias to conduct this genocide. The Arabs in Sudan have been bickering with the Black African Sudanese for generations over the land in question. It started becoming a genocide (several decades ago) when the Sudanese government started equipping the Sudanese Arabs with a lot of deadly weaponry. The result of this has been that the land gets cleared of its inhabitants. The Sudanese Arabs would like this to be so they can have the land that the Black African Sudanese have pretty much always inhabited. But I'd say the Sudanese government has no intention of letting anyone have that land until they've pumped all of the oil out of it.

My next guess is that when (and not until) all of the people have been cleared off of the land, that's when the US government will step in and say in outraged tones about the Sudanese government, "They committed genocide against their own people! They must be removed." And then they'll topple the Sudanese government and take control of the oil. This will be much easier for them to do since the Sudanese government will have already done all of the dirty work of removing the people from their land.