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Posted By: Wolfgang
30-Sep-04 - 03:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
Subject: RE: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
Do a filter search here in the Mudcat on the word Sudan and see what comes up. (CarolC)

Good idea:

Since they evidently don't have any oil, it probably won't catch Cheney's attention. (SRS)

If the US does nothing right now, and allows the Sudanese government to kill and displace thousands and/or millions of Black African Muslims, then they can go in and do in Sudan what they did in Iraq, using the excuse of ethnic cleansing and/or genocide to remove the Arab Muslim government and take control of the oil. (Carol)

I wouldn't be encouraging the US government to lead any initiatives involving Sudan (Carol)

What hidden agenda has brought them (the media) out of the woodwork ...spreading more hatred toward Arabs perhaps? (CarolC)