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Posted By: dianavan
29-Sep-04 - 12:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
Subject: BS: Time to re-deploy to Sudan
So, its more important to be in Iraq than in Sudan or Haiti?

While America argues about oil and so-called democracy, 50,000 people in the Sudan have been murdered by the Janjaweed Militia and now it is rumored that the govt. of Sudan is amassing Arab militia in the south. This act of genocide by their own government has displaced more than a million people.

Meanwhile in Haiti, 2000 are presumed dead in the wake of tropical storm Jeanne and many more are facing starvation and disease... and where is the great America?

Has either candidate suggested that maybe there are greater priorities than Iraq?

...and the people are lulled into apathy by an election campaign that is a media event.

The new Iraqi army doesn't even have adequate armour! How many U.S. troops will be required to bolster this new puppet govt?

What happened to the compassionate America I once believed in?

(Their busy protecting what they think they are entitled to. Another countries resources.)

Sorry this is so long winded. I'm feeling desperate again.

F*** Off George Bush!