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Posted By: John M.
21-Sep-04 - 02:12 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Peri-Periwinkle (Robert Burns?)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Robert Burns & 'Peri-Periwinkle'

For completeness here is the original Scotts ribaldry collected by Robert Burns which prompted the cleaned up version, the parody and the modern survival:


1. Lassie, lend me your braw hemp-heckle,
And I'll lend you my thripplin kame;
My heckle is broken, it canna be gotten,
And we'll gae dance the Bob o' Dumblane.

2. Twa gaed to the wood, to the wood, to the wood,
Twa gaed to the wood, three cam hame:
An't be na weel bobbit, weel bobbit, weel bobbit,
An't be na weel bobbit, we'll bob it again.-   (2)

It's hard to keep a good song from going bad or to make a bad song good.   Any comments or corrections are welcome.

Gargoyle according to the Mudcat archives, you have known the "Peri-Periwinkle" song since at least 1991. May I ask where and when you learned the song?

Thanks Murray for identifing the song and giving me the texts from your Musa Proterva. 


John Mehlberg
(1)   The "...angels ascend up..." verse can be found in Laycock's The Best Bawdry as the final chorus of "The Monk of Priory Hall" (pg 115).  Laycock mentions that this ditty is from Mess Hall Songs of the RAAF (ca 1945).  This chorus of this song also uses the "Ach, Du Lieber, Augustin" tune.

(2)  According to Murray Shoolbraid's Musa Proterva MS, this text was collected by Robert Burns. The text is printed in Kinsley (p. 804, no. 513, with music), from the Watson MS. (1136: Burns' letter to Johnson, autumn of 1795).