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Posted By: freightdawg
16-Sep-04 - 11:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: NON-Partisan political comments
Subject: RE: BS: NON-Partisan political comments
Little Hawk,

It occured to me as I read your last post that we do have something akin to what you are describing in our "separation of powers" society: the jury in the courtroom. A randomly selected group of people are selected (by various means in different parts of the country) and are further winnowed by those who, at least ostensibly, are working for the best interest of all concerned (the judge and opposing legal counsels.) Then this group of people is given the most awesome responsibility ever: the determination of guilt or innocence, the right or wrong, or the best solution to a vexing problem. It is not perfect, mistakes happen. But the theory is certainly there.

Exactly as you described for the "political" arena. No one could argue that it would not work, because it works quite well in the arena where we use it now.

By gum, methinks you're on to something there...good show :-)