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Posted By: InOBU
12-Sep-04 - 08:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: God's simple plan of salvation...
Subject: RE: BS: God's simple plan of salvation...
John from Hull... We Quakers (also known as Quackers, Quakes, Quacksers, Qwookers (my Isreale friend Kay of the band Kay and the Boyz) Qwinks, Quacks,) DO pray, we pray everyone else whould stop attempting to convert the world, converstion is the ultimate act of disrespect for ones fellows and for the basic consept of a single God. I realize that in saying that, I am guilty of the same, but what the hell. As to non violent, yes we genneraly are, however some Quakers have been guilty of murdering those who promote the myth that we have ANYTHING to do with Quaker oats, other than there is a picture of me on the lable... Buelies (spelt wrong) in Ireland (the Tea company) IS Quaker owned, Cadburry, Hersey, Chase and Sandborn coffie, Folgers Coffee... all were founded by Quakes, as we have a maritime tradition and need the dry goods (we were Whalermen... sorry Sir john from HuLl... but we DID eat the cruthers...) and as to religion... I am not adverse to discussing it over a wee drink - though I don't genneraly drink)but I recall a great and late Quaker elder, Peter Fingesten who once wrote, "I drink therefore I think".
Well there we are... here I am, and what ever.\ Cheers Larry