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Posted By: Dewey
10-Sep-04 - 04:11 AM
Thread Name: BS: God's simple plan of salvation...
Subject: RE: BS: God's simple plan of salvation...
My Friend,

As A fellow brother in Christ please do not great me here as, "MY FRIEND" it comes across as one who thinks himself more enlightened and spiritual, and also has the same horrible rapport with the non-believer as well.

As a christian I have occasionally stated my opinions here as well, but more indirectly, which made them SLIGHTLY more tolerable.
(at least I sincerely hope this was the case. And my fellow mudcatters have my WORD that I will not abuse them with excessive religious profundity)

My apologies to all hear for talking religion to much in the past.

Thick Biblical Verse references, posted in most forums always draw more criticism than acceptance.

A preachy approach becomes a self-centered approach and bores/offends the audience its seeks to reach, while exciting the person only who is delivering the sermon, All others run to avoid having to hear it.

Do not wish to hurt the feelings of this poster, as I am sure he/she is sincere in their convictions and/or since of duty.

In my early days of Christianity I used to Bible thump with the same zeal. Then one day, after seeing all the negativity that resulted from the thumping, I stopped thumping.

Both me and my former "audience" have been much more happy and receptive to my Christianity since.

Dewey (who hopes he has not offended this otherwise very nice christian person)