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Posted By: Two_bears
09-Sep-04 - 10:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: God's simple plan of salvation...
Subject: RE: BS: God's simple plan of salvation...
But I'm not a Christian. I simply want a recognition that there are a bunch of good values to have that are agreeable to Christians as well, but were not invented by Christians. Like the ten commandments, as a minor example.

Robomatic: I am not "Christian", and had more than enough of the bible shoved down my throat as a child.

I am a devout pagan.

I believe that, like me, you, tarheel, are a tiny spark of divinity doing your best to make your way through the process of your growth as a spiritual being, and the emergence of your understanding of your true self. I believe your salvation is never in question, but that you may need to believe that it is from time to time in order to learn whatever you wanted or needed to learn from having such experiences and holding such beliefs.

Carol: I agree completely. Everything is a manifestation of the Great Spirit, and has a spark of divinity in them.

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