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Posted By: Little Hawk
09-Sep-04 - 07:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: God's simple plan of salvation...
Subject: RE: BS: God's simple plan of salvation...
Ever had this experience where you're in a dream and nobody sees you or hears you? You talk to them, but they don't realize you're there at all. They're too busy or else they're deaf and blind. You jump up and down waving your arms but they don't see you. You yell, "Look out! You're gonna drive right off the road!" No reaction whatsoever.

Then you go down the road and come across this temple that a bunch of them put up in your honor, and none of them can see you either! More than that, they go on babbling about all kinds of rules you supposedly laid down a few thousand years ago and the horrible punishments you supposedly doll out to "sinners", and then they go and viciously persecute other people for breaking the rules THEY made up in your name!

It would take almost infinite compassion to be able to put up with this sort of nonsense on a daily basis and still love people.

You'd have to be God to be capable of it. :-)