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Posted By: The Shambles
29-Aug-04 - 05:46 AM
Thread Name: A little more news on Licensing
Subject: RE: A little more news on Licensing
We do not have much time, so I think we should safely assume that if we leave there entire drafting of policy up to the same officers - all local licensing policy for the new Act, will be bad.......

The following sample is from my Council's website, where the full draft policy can be seen: [ although the site does appear to working, this weekend]

Given this following emphasis placed on the website now, it would seem that as far as our licencing officers are concerned - nothing much has changed. If they continue to see licensing as a way to prevent live music - there is little hope.

Regulated entertainment is any of the following in the presence of an audience:
? performances of plays and film shows
? exhibitions of indoor sporting events, boxing and wrestling
? performing live, or playing recorded music
? dancing performances
? performances of anything similar to music and dancing
Regulated entertainment is entertainment for:
? members of the public, or a section of the public
? members of a club exclusively, and their guests
? for money and with a view to profit, which could include charitable

Exemptions are given where entertainment is provided, or facilities for entertainment are provided:
? as part of a religious service or meeting
? as a film shown as part of a museum exhibition
? as TV or radio, seen or heard simultaneous to its broadcast
and, on premises consisting of or forming part of a vehicle which is not permanently or temporarily parked.
It is likely that church buildings, community centres and village halls will be exempt from having to pay fees. Church buildings and educational establishments may be exempted from licensing requirements altogether.

Why is there no mention in this list of the new exemptions - like Morris or incidental live and recorded music? Could it be that these officers do not want to bring attention to the fact that it may not be necessary for many premises to apply for entertainment permission or even a Premises Licence at all?

Or is it that they are they still determined to ensure all premises with any form of music , will need to apply, mainly for these officer's convienience?