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Posted By: Jeri
17-Aug-04 - 10:58 AM
Thread Name: Jed Marum - a New CD!
Subject: RE: Jed Marum - a New CD!
So how goes the Battle of Bacteria, the Siege of Snot, Viral Victimization, etc? I'll be there tomorrow night. I don't care about catching your diseases, just hope they let you feel up to being social. You know what they say: "What don't kill you...can make you sick as hell." I hope Bev has avoided catching the plague.

Mick's on LRP (long range patrol) in Real Life, but he may actually show up too. It'd be nice, but not necessary, if he would call be before he leaves. Maybe tonight, because I've got errands to run and crap to get out of the car (because the border guys will look in the back and think I'm moving up there). I'll see him soon enough anyway. I'll give Heather a holler tonight.

Paul, as for "Those of you coming to T.O. expecting to hear a finished CD," I didn't expect it the last time! I'll be happy just to see you guys - anything else is gravy.

See y'all (and any "y'all"s that aren't posting here) soon.

How the heck did the house concert go? (Or did it go?)