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Posted By: brid widder
04-Aug-04 - 03:05 PM
Thread Name: Winnie the Pooh
Subject: RE: BS: Winnie the Pooh
I met Winnie the Pooh as a Brownie in the late 50's... we had the stories read to us at Pack Holiday... a few years later when I was a girl guide I helped as a Pack Leader at another such holiday... Winnie the Pooh was the theme for the week all the leaders took character names... I was Eeyore... and quite right too.

In the seventies the stories were read on Jackanory... by Willy Rushden... who did a brilliant job with the voices... I remember Kanga had an Australian accent (of course) and Roo a squeaky Australian accent!!

I HATE what WD had done to all the residents of the hundred acre wood... it's not just the illustrations that have changed... the characters have too...they all seem so silly!!! Rabbit was quite canny, and good at organising he's just daft!! and Winnie was a bear of little brain... but NOT stupid...after all he could read... once Christopher Robin told him what it said and answering Wol with alternate yes and no took wisdom!

walt disney Winnie the Pooh is a Travesty of English Literature!

There are lots and lots of people who are always asking things
Like Dates and Pounds-and-ounces and the names of funny Kings
And the answer's either Sixpence or A Hundred Inches Long
And I know they'll think me silly if I get the answer wrong

So Pooh and I go whispering, and Pooh looks very bright
And says "Well I say sixpence, but I don't suppose I'm right"
And then it doesn't matter what the answer ought to be
'Cos if he's right, I'm Right, and if he's wrong it isn't Me.