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Posted By: CapriUni
03-Aug-04 - 03:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: The speech that defined Kerry
Subject: RE: BS: The speech that defined Kerry
um... I actually liked the speech... okay, so it wasn't as rousing as Al Sharpton's, but Kerry is not he.

There were two lines in particular that warmed the cockles of my wee little heart, and made me go squee! -- one toward the beginning of his speech, and one near the very end:

Now I know there are those who criticize me for seeing complexities -- and I do -- because some issues just aren't all that simple.

Finally! Someone in the public arena who admits that being smart and thoughtful is actually a good thing.

and this line:

What if we have a president who believes in science . . .

... Is it just me, or is this a dig at the Evangelical Right? Taken with his earlier line about not not wearing his faith on his sleeve, I think it just might be. If so, this is not a stance that he had to make, politically, to energize his base, or even win the election (in fact, it may alienate some in that moderate center that the pundits are telling us are so crucial). And as such, I think it was a brave thing to say, and a sign of his sincerity.

And as for not talking much about his record in the senate, the PBS commentators Shields and Brooks addressed that issue. As they pointed out, no senate carreer translates well into rallying points. Unlike the achievements of a governor, a senator works by debate and consensus -- it's hard to point exactly to where one person's accomplishments end and another's begin. They also pointed out that he started his campaign in the primaries talking about his senate carreer, and the audiences zoned out. Do you really think going into detail about various Senate resolutions that he had sponsered would have made his acceptance speech any better?