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Posted By: Once Famous
09-Jul-04 - 10:35 AM
Thread Name: PLEASE, defend BANJOS !!!
Subject: RE: PLEASE, defend BANJOS !!!
I love playing and listening to the banjo.

I have also noticed negative banjo threads and comments here. It seems much of it comes from the Brits and not as much from Americans.

I have loved the banjo since I first heard it played by Dave Guard of the Kingston Trio on the MTA song. It is a well known fact that this song turned on a whole generation of American youth to the banjo.

At one time, banjos were an integral part of folk music, played by such well known acts as the aforementioned Kingston Trio, The Weavers, The Limelighters, Bob Gibson, Pete seeger and others. I believe that the ones who knock the banjo, more than likely are navel-gazing singer-songwriters, who have no idea how to interact with other musicians. I know this type. They are so full of themselves and their whiny lyrics and protests of so many things that they just can't relate to the reason why much so called folk music is ridiculed. These types might just feel threatened by the banjo. It's too much of a good time for them, and, seeing that the banjo works so well in an ensemble situation and they know that they can't.

So, Art. I'm with you. The banjo is a great American Instrument. The only Irish group that I would ever consider listening to was the Clancy Brothers because of Tommy Makem's banjo.

The world has changed. Folkies dissing banjos is a good reason for dissing folkies.