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Thread Name: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Subject: Index: folk and Art Songs (Birchard)
FOLK AND ART SONGS, The Laurel Music Series
Teachers' Edition, Book II
Author: M.Teresa Armitage
Pub: C.C.Birchard, 1925
For Intermediate Grades

After Sunset
After the Storm
Air Voyage, An
Allah (Egypt)
All Thro' the Night
America for Me
Anglels and Shepherds
Apple Tree, The
Approach of the Storm, The
At the Spinning Wheel

Barnyard Song
Beacon, The
Bear Dance, The
Begging Dance, The
Bell Buoy, The
Big Mountain's Song (Johnny Appleseed)
Billy and Me
Billy Boy
Birch Tree, The (Schubert)
Blossom Time
Bobby Shafto
Bonnie Doon
Brook Music

Candle, The
Canzonet (Nicolai)
Captain Kidd
Caravan, The (Syria)
Carillon (German Carol)
Cascade, The (Das Rheingold, Wagner)
Castles in the Air (Russia)
Cavalier Song, A
Cavatina (vonWeber, excerpt)

charm, A
Cherry Ripe
Clock, The
Coaching (Ukraine)
Coasting (Russia)
Contented Camel, The
Coopers' Song
County Fair (Czech)
Cradle on the Bough, The (Omaha Indian)
Cuckoo's Career, The

Dance of the Elves
Daybreak in the Alps
Down South
Dream Music

Early and Late
Eglantine, The
Eight Bells
Elfland Horns
Eyes of God, The

Fairy Circle
Fairies Song (Johnny Appleseed)
Falls of Minnehaha, The

Fawn Awake's Song (Johnny Appleseed)
First Green, The
Flower Ghosts
Flower Song, A
Follow the Leader
Forest Fires
Fountain, The

Gentian, The
Gnomes' Dance (Grieg, excerpt)
Golden Rule, The
Good Bookkeeping
Good Morning
Good Night Song
Grasshopper, The
Gypsy's Life, The

Habanera (Portugal)
Hail and Farewell (Aloha)
Half-Moon, The
Hall of Song, The
Happy Shepherd, The (Bohemia)
Hare and the Tortoise
Hawker, The
Highland Fling, The
Holiday, A
Hopak, The (Moussorgsky)
Host and His Guests (English Christmas Carol)
Hour Glass, The

In April
Inca, The
In Scotland
In the North Countree
In Winter
It Couldn't Be Done
It Is Good to Be Alive

Jack and Jean
Joan of Arc
Johnny Appleseed (operetta)
Johnny Appleseed's Song (Johnny Appleseed)
Joy Bells, (Serbia)

Kindness to Animals

La La Song, The
Lame Crane, The
Land of Flowers, The
Land of the Midnight Sun, The (Norway)
Lark, The
Last Mile, The
Lesson from the Desert, A
L'il Liza Jane
Lincoln's Land
Lost Song, The
Lucky Number, The

Magic Disc, The
Making History
Marching Song
Market Song, A (Czech)
Mazurka (Chopin, excerpt)
Meg Merriles
Mill, The
Mississippi, The
Mocking Bird, The
Moonlight (Romania)
Morning song
Mother Earth
Mountain Boy, The
Mountain Shepherd, The
Mountaineer, The
Move Eastward, Happy Earth
Music Eternal
Music in the Air
My Boat (Hawaii)
My Treasure

Night in June, A
Night Voyage, A
Northern Lights

O Had I Jubal's Lyre
October Music
O'er the Hills Away
Old songs
Organ Grinder. The
Our Flag\Outlas's Song (Johnny Appleseed)

Pageant, A
Pearl, The
Pear Tree, The
Peddler, The
Pilgrim Father, The
Play the Game
Prettye Bessie
Prize Song (Wagner, excerpt)

Quail, The

Real New Year, The'Reflections
Revery (Schubert, excerpt)
Ring Out, Wild Bells
Rising of the Lark
Romeo and Juliet (Gounod)
Roundelay, A (Mozart, excerpt)

Sabbath Bells
Sacred Mountain, The (Japan)
Sailing Men, The
Sailors, The
Sainjt Paul's Steeple
Salute the Flag
Scherzo (Schumann, excerpt)
School Orchestra, The
Shadow Dance (Meyerbeer, excerpt)
Shadow Pictures
Shepherd's Pipe (Beethoven, excerpt)
Singin' Johnny
Sleep, Soldiers
Snow Blanket, The
Song and a Smile, A
Song for August
Song of Araby, A
Song of the Breeze
Song of the Forge
Song to Ivan (Russia)
Spirit of Summer Time
Spring and Youth (Longfellow)
Spring Dance, A
Spring Song, A
Spring Victories
Spring's Apology
Sun and Song
Sunny May
Sunrise Song
Strars of the Summer Night
Steeplejack, The
Swan, The (Saint-Saens, excerpt)
Sweet and Twenty
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Wild April
Swiss Boy, The
Swiss Cattle Call

Tardy Gratitude
Ten Miles from Home
TheLord Is My Shepherd
There's Ever a Song
Three Kings, The
Tides, The
Time of Youth
To a Rose
Town Crier, The
Travelogue, A
Tree Toads, The
True Sportsman, The
Trumpet Calle, The
Two Precepts
Two Roads, The

Unseen Chorus (Johnny Appleseed)
Valentine, A
Vistors and Vanquished
Village Dance, The
Violin Echo (Bach, excerpt)

Weather Vane, The
Wedding Postponed!
Westward Ho!
We Thank Thee
When the North Wind Blows
Whispering Stream, The
White Daisies
Wind and the Sun, The
Winter and Spring
Winter Cheer
Witches' Night
Woodsman, The

Year of Jubilo, The
Year's at the Spring, The
Young Voyageur, The
Yuletide (French Carol)