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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
12-Jun-04 - 04:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: Respite Tavern - Revisited
Subject: RE: BS: Respite Tavern - Revisited
The cat indeed came back!!

After an horrendous week of calling the animal hospital (when I wasn't in the human one myself), and making the decision to let the Amber cat go - quality of life and all that..... I'd broken the news to Limpit and we'd already picked out a replacement kitten.... Amber cat decided that she wasn't ready to go.

She's back home, putting on weight, sleeping, eating, sleeping, washing, napping and doing all those things she used to do, with a new sparkle in her eye. Finally after 4 months and about 500 in vet bills, we've cracked this infection thing. No relapse after a week and she's looking more like her old self.

Respite indeed.

And last night, I was out shopping at a craft store when I bumped into a very dear friend who was at a loose end and we ended up having dinner and going for a very long walk around some lakes. It was a glorious evening, still, fresh and bright. We walked for a couple of miles (something I couldn't do 2 weeks ago!) along overgrown paths, never farther than 8ft from a lake or canal. We saw many heron, geese and goslings, swans and cygnets, 2 pairs of crested grebe, a jay, a pair of terns, bright blue dragonflies, reed warblers, robin, blue and coal tits, and a long tailed tit. But best of all was a flash of electric blue streaking across the lake, that was gone in a split second - only the second time I've ever seen a kingfisher - and all this within 20 mins driving of London!

All it needed was a cool pint of beer in a pub garden to complete the evening. Unfortunately, I had to get home so I've come in here for the cool beer. I am soooo chilled out and relaxed that even the London Underground failing didn't annoy me.

Having my Amber cat at home and happy, and that little flash of blue kingfisher is better than any antidepressant I've taken.

Slide that cool beer down the counter and I'll prop my feet up on this unconscious GUEST.... All I want is a pussycat in my lap and some good listnin' and sippin' music..... Play on, McDuff!