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Posted By: MudGuard
11-Jun-04 - 04:11 AM
Thread Name: German Folk Songs
Subject: RE: German Folk Songs
I wrote:
I am not a beer drinker at all (except when there is a good Guinness around...) - I usually prefer (red) wine ;-)

Wolfgang wrote:
Andy, how you can prefer Guinness to wine undistinctively is a puzzle to me.

1. "good Guinness" is not undistinctively.
2. I did not say anything about my preference of (good) Guinness over wine. I said that I don't drink beer unless it is good Guinness.
3. I said that I usually prefer wine.

How can you construct from these that I undistinctively prefer Guinness to wine? THAT puzzles me! ;-)

Wolfgang wrote:
the same name brew they sell [...] in most Irish pubs in Germany is far worse.

In most Irish pubs in Germany I have visited you only get bottled or canned Guinness...

Wolfgang wrote:
As for German wines, I think there should be a law to forbid wine growing in Germany north of what in France is Alsace, at least not to be used for human consumption.

Objection - vinegar is for human consumption... ;-)