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Posted By: Wolfgang
11-Jun-04 - 03:51 AM
Thread Name: German Folk Songs
Subject: RE: German Folk Songs
There is not enough information to answer the question unambiguously.

Two more candidates:

Ein schöner Tag (to the tune of either Amazing grace or Should ould aquaintance)
Ein schöner Tag (popsong by Lena Valeitis (sp?))

Andy, how you can prefer Guinness to wine undistinctively is a puzzle to me. The Irish Guinness tastes great to me, the same name brew they sell in Britain and in most Irish pubs in Germany is far worse.

As for German wines, I think there should be a law to forbid wine growing in Germany north of what in France is Alsace, at least not to be used for human consumption.

And in the very same law they should forbid beer production South of that line, but now I better run off (grin)