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Posted By: catspaw49
02-Oct-99 - 10:01 PM
Thread Name: What is the worst song you ever heard?
Subject: RE: What is the worst song you ever heard?
This just gets better and better......or worse and worse!!!

In many cases I agree and I gotta' say that you are all to be commended for these rare gems.....after which you can all go to hell for planting these ditties again in my head. Now back up the thread, I opted for the worst/most ridiculous single line as the cake nonsense in "MacArthur Park" and I'll still go with it...But how about a "Worst Class" of songs, a class where damn near everything just really bites? Personally, I'll suggest "Truck Driver Songs" of the Red Sovine variety. Even the best of them are basically bad. I'm not talking CW here, just the trucker songs. Perhaps the best, "Six Days on the Road and I'm Gonna' Make It Home Tonight" still bites and has questionable lyrics as Seed would say.

"My rig is old, but that don't mean she's slow"----Means it probably breaks down a lot and you're not in much demand because of your time record.

"And the smoke is rolling black as coal"----Means your Injection Pump needs set-up at the very least and you can't make a dime 'cause your mileage stinks. At the worst, you're about to get a new Silver 92 installed.

Just a thought gang.............and emily dear, try WEST System Epoxy and a safety screw through your navel.