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Thread Name: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Jane Byrd Radcliffe-Whitehead, Ed.
Oliver Ditson Co., Boston, 1903, 226 pp., 8 1/2" x 12"
Both Classified and Alphabetic indexes.

English Songs 1-28
Scottish 29-54
Irish 55-72
German 73-92
French 93-112
Scandanavian 113-120
Polish and Russian 121-130
Italian 131-144
Spanish 145-158
Songs of Patriotism 159-180
Carols 181-188
Nursery Songs 189-202
Lullabies 203-216
Rounds, Catches and Part-Songs 217-226

America (God Save the King) 159
And We're a'Noddin' (Scotch) 48
Annie Laurie (Scotch) 38
Arthur of Bradley (English) 10
At Summer Morn (Round) 221
Auld Lang Syne 54
Austrian National Anthem (Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser) 196
Baa! Baa! Black Sheep 196
Battle Hymn of the Republic 162
Begone, Dull Care! 4
Birds' Duet 152
Blue Bells of Scotland, The 41
Bonnie Laddie, Highland Laddie 36
Brave of Heart 120
In the Moon's Pale Light (Au clair de la lune) 93
Cachucha, La 150
Caller Herrin' 50
Campbells are Comin', The 52
Chairs to Mend! 220
City Rat and Country Rat, The 108
Clear Cool Pond, The (Les trois princesses) 102
Cockles and Mussels 68
Come, Aurora (Viens, Aurora) 112
Come, Lasses and Lads (2)
Cradle Song (Wiegenlied) 209
Dairy, The (La Luisella) 142
Dixie's Land 165
Dodo, Baby, Do (Do do, l'enfant, do) 216
Dormi (Sleep, sweet babe) 214
Dove, The (La Paloma 156
Dream-Baby (Schlaf' in gute Ruh') 211
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes 224
Duke Marlborough (Marlbrough s'en va-t-en guerre) 96
Fair Gabrielle (Charmante Gabrielle) 100
Farmyard Song 116
Father O'Flynn 55
First Nowell, The 182
First Primrose, The (O Tannenbaum) 114
Fir Tree, The (O Tannenbaum) 74
Flicker, Flicker, Fire-Sprite (Der rothe Sarafan) 128
Flowers of the Forest, The 29
Foxhunt, The 64
Friar John 226
Funiculi, Funicula 131
Garden, The 201
Gin a Body Meet a Body 40
Good Comrade, The (Der gute Kamerad) 92
Good King Wenceslas 181
Good Night 217
Greeting (Gruss) 86
Guardian Angels (Kinderwacht) 208
Have You Heard the News? 217
Hedge Roses (Heiden-Röslein) 82
He That Will Not When He May (J'ai un long voyage á faire) 106
Highland Lad My Love Was Born, A 44
Home, Sweet Home 24
How Can I Leave Thee? )Ach, wie ist's moglich dann) 81
Hunt Is Up, The 1
In the Spring (Sur le pont d'Avignon) 202
I Rode Away to Mandalay (Je m'en allay à Bagnolat) 101
Jolly Miller, The 8
John Peel 14
Krakoviak (No. 1)121
Krakoviak (No. 2) 124
Ladybird (Marienwürmchen) 84
Lass of Richmond Hill, The 20
Last Rose of Summer, The 66
Lavender's Blue 193
Little Cock-Sparrow, The 198
Little Cossack 212
Little Man and Maid 192
Little Red Lark, The 58
Loch Lomond 42
Lord Lovell 16
Loreley, The (Die Lorelei) 76
Lost Chicken, The 194
Lovely Minka (Schöne Minka) 125
Low-Backed Car, The 60
Lucy Locket 196
Maiden's Wish, The 122
Manger Throne, The 184
March of the Men of Harlech 168
Marseillaise, The (La Marseillaise) 175
Meeting (Gaudeamus igitur) 73
Merry May th4e Keel Row 32
Mill, The (Ja eimemkühlen Grunde) 89
Miller's Flowers, The (Des Müllers Blumen) 78
Minstrel Boy, The 62
Morning (Steh' nur auf, du Schweizerbu') 80
Mulberry Bush, The 200
My Dame Has a Lame Tame Crane 221
My Love's an Arbutus 70
My Normandy *Ma Normandie) 94
My Old Friend John 26
My Trooper ( Mein Shatz ist ein Reiter) 90
Nightingale, The 126
O Can Ye Sew Cushions 204
O Hush Thee, My Baby 206
Oh, Charlie Is My Darling 30
Oh! Dear, What Can the matter Be? 12
Oh, Who Will O'er the Downs so Free 222
Old King Cole 190
Orioles (O yi caroli) 140
Peace of Night (Frieden der Nacht) 83
Pomona 148
Regimental March 145
Remembrance 154
Return, The (Le Retour) 103
Riego's Hymn 178
Rowing (La notte é bella) 138
Roy's Horse Enjoys a Gallop 46
Safe Stronghold, A (Ein' feste Burg) 172
Santa Lucia 134
Scotland's Burning 217
Sea Breeze, The (Marianina) 136
Shepherd Maiden, The (Il était une bergère
Skye Boat Song 34
Sleep, Baby, Sleep (Schlaf', Kindlein, schlaf') 210
Softly Sleep Thou (Schlafe, schalfe, holder süsser Knabe) 203
Soldier Song (Soldatenlied) 87
Sounds of Spring 118
Star Spangled Banner, The 160
Stilly Night, Starry and Bright! (Stille Nacht, Leilige Nacht) 188
Summer Is a-Coming In 218
Swallow, The 146
Swallow, Good Bye (Liebchen, ade!) 197
Sweet and Low 22
Three Blind Mice 220
Three Kings of Orient, The 186
Three Little Kittens, The 189
Three Ravens, The 17
Twilight Musing 113
Two Stars 88
Watch on the Rhine (Die Wacht am Rhein) 170
We Praise Thee, Lord 174
When All the World Is Young 6
When Christ Was Born 185
When I Was Shepherd (Lorsque j'étais petit) 98
White Sand and Gray Sand 220
Work (O sanctissima) 144
Youth Has Gone (Plus ne suis ce que j'ai été) 110