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Thread Name: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Fourth Edition 1820
Copyright page reads:
BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the eighteenth of May in the thirty-seventh year of the Independence of the United States of America, A.D. 1813,
Freeman Lewis and Cramer, Spear and Eichbaum, of the said district, have deposited in this office,the title of a book, the right whereof they proclaim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit:
"The Beauties of Harmony, containing the Rudiment of Music on a new and improved plan; including, with the rules of singing, an explanation of the rules and principles of composition. Together with an extensive collection of Sacred Music, consisting of plain tunes, fuges, anthems, etc. some of which are entirely new. To the whole is added, an Appendix, containig explanations of musical terms,
characters, etc. original and selected. By Freeman Lewis."
In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled "An act for the encouragement of learning by securing copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned," and also an act entitled 'An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such books, during the time therein mentioned', and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving and etching historical and other prints."
Clerk of the District of Pennsylvania

(Not specifically a school songbook but obviously designed for the teaching of music. Book is not indexed but is arranged roughly alphabetically by tune name, contains text, usually a single line or verse, attribution of author of the words and composer of the music.
Tunes are all printed shape-note.)

America - Watts, Wetmore
- Our days are like the grass, or as the morning flow'r
Amanda ` Watts, Morgan
- Death like an overflowing stream
Amherst - Tate & Brady, Billings
- Ye boundless realms of joy
Amity - Watts, Reed
- How pleased and blest was I
Africa - Watts, Billing
- Now shall my inward joys arise
Albany - Watts, Edson
- Behold the morning sun begins his glorious way
Amsterdam - Rippon, D. Reed
- Rise my soul and stretch thy wings
Autumn - Beatty, Fisher
- See the leaves around ye falling
All Saints - Watts, Tansur
- From all that dwell below the skies
All Saints New - Watts, Hall
- O if my Lord would come and meet
Arise, an anthem - words from sundry scriptures, music A. Williams
Austria - Watts, Mitchell
- Is this the kind return
Alstead - Watts, Holden (Christmas)
- Shepherds rejoice lift up your eyes
Bridgewater - Watts, Edson
- From all who dwell beneath the skies
Berlin - Watts, Billings
- He dies: the heav'nly lover dies
Brookfield - Watts, Billings
- Show pity Lord
Bunker Hill - w. by N. Niles
- Where blood and carnage clothe the ground
Buckingham - Watts, Williams
- Help Lord for men of virtue fail
Bristol - Watts, Swan
- To show thy work by morning light
Bray - Watts, Williams
- When I with pleading wonder stand
Brunswick - Watts
- Why doth the man of riches grow to insolence and pride
Bourbon - Watts
- Look down in pity Lord and see
Concord - Watts, Holden
- The hill of Zion yields a thousand sacred sweets
Cambridge - Rippon, Randall
- Jesus I love thy glorious name
China - Watts, Swan
- Why should we mourn departing friends
Communion - Watts, J. Robertson
- How sweet and awful is the place
Coronation - Rippon, Holden
- All hail the power of Jesus' name
Calvary - Watts, Rippon, D.Reed
- My tho'ts that often mount the sky
Complaint - Watts, Parmeter
- Spare us o Lord aloud we pray
Coleshill - Watts, Kirby
- Lord what is man, poor feeble man
Cookham - Rippon, Harmonia Sacra
- 'Tis a point I long to know
Cowper - Cowper, Holden
- Forgive the song that falls so low
Contentment - Watts, J. Cole
- The Lord is my shepherd I shall be well supply'd
Creation - Rippon, Holden
- Lord when my raptured thoughts survey
Cumberland New - Rippon
- Come thou fount of ev'ry blessing
Charleston - Watts, Frothington
- With earnest longings of the mind
Chockset - Psalm 139, Mitchell
- Lord where shall guilty souls retire
Colchester - Watts, Williams
- Lord in the morning thou shalt hear
Devises - Watts, J. Tucker
- With my whole heart I'll raise my song
David's Lamentation - Billins
Dunlap's Creek - words ascribed to S.McFarland
- Think O my soul the dreadful day
Doomsday - Hart's Hymns, Wood
- Behold with awful pomp the judge prepares to come
Delight - Watts, Cohn
- No burning heats by day nor blasts ofev'ning air
Death's Alarm - Watts, West
- The rising morn can't ensure
Dunstan - Watts, Dr. Madan
- Jesus shall reign where e'er the sun
Dalston - Watts, Williams
- The Lord Jehovah reigns
Dover - Watts, Williams
- Great is the Lord our God
Denmark - Watts, Dr. Madan
- Before Jehovah's awful throne
Detroit - Watts, Wm. Evens
- Praise ye the Lord, my heart will join
Eastford - Psalm 89, Tate and Brady, French
- When marching to thy bless'd abode
Easter Anthem - Young's Night Thoughts, Billings
- The Lord is risen indeed
Enfield - tune by Chandler
- Before the rosy dawn of day
-Pp. 73 to 80 missing-
Greenwich - Watts, D. Reed
- Lord what a thoughtless wretch was I
Handel's Hymn
- How wondrous his grace, how amazing his love
Hartford - Watts, Carpenter
- This spacious earth is all the Lord's
Hampton - music by Leach
- Thou shepherd of Israel and mine
Helmsley - Rippon, Madan
- Lo he cometh
Hinsdale - Psalm 46, Holyoke
- Thou wilt reveal the paths of life
Hollis - Watts
- My soul come meditate the day
St. Humphreys - Psalm 98
- Joy to the earth, the Saviour reigns (Joy to the World)
Huntington - Watts, Morgan
- Lord what a tho'tless wretch was I
Hotham- Rippon, Madan
- Jesus lover of my soul
Heavenly Vision - Revelation, several verses, French
Isle of Wight - Psalm 39, Tansur
- A span is all that we can boast
Irish - Watts, Williams
- Blest morning whose young dawning rays
Invitation - words taken as published by Holden from the Rural
Harmony,music by Kimball
- Come my beloved, haste away
Jordan - Watts, Billings
- There is a land of pure delight
Judgment - Watts, N. Shumway
- The Lord the judge before his throne bids all the earth draw nigh
Jubilee - Rippon, Brownson
- Blow ye the trumpet
Kinderhook - Watts, Dr. Arnold
- I sing my Saviour's wond'rous death
Kingsbridge - Watts
- Lord thou hast search'd and seen me thro'
Kingswood - Rippon, J. Peck-Children of the heav'nly king
Kittery - Lord's prayer, Billings
Lamberton - Psalm 23, Watts, N.Shumway
Lebanon - Billings
- Hark from the tombs a doleful song
Lover's Lamentation
- That awful day will surely come
Littleton - Rippon, Williams
- Lo he cometh
Little Marlboro - Psalm 90, Williams
- Lord what a feeble piece is this our mortal frame
Liberty Hall - music by Chapin
- Alas and did my Saviour bleed
Lenox - Rippon, Edson
- Blow ye the trumpet, blow
Lisbon - music by Reed
- Welcome sweet day of rest
Majesty - Sternhold & Hopkins, Billings
- The Lord descended from above
Madrid - Billings
- Come sinners attend and make no delay
Mear - Psalm 96, Williams' Col.
- Sing to the Lord ye distant lands
Melodia - Psalm 50, Merick
- The Lord, the sov'reign, sends his summons forth
St. Martin's - music by Tansur
- Behold the glories of the lamb
St. Michael's - Psalm 149, Tate & Brady & Belknap, Handel
- O praise ye the Lord
Milford - Watts, Stevenson
- If angels sung a Savior's birth
Mount Pleasant - music by Deolph
- There is a house not made by hands
Mount Ephraim - Rippon, Milgrove
- Your harps ye trembling saints down from the willows take
- Why should we mourn departing friends
Montgomery - Watts, Morgan
- Early my God without delay
Morning Hymn - music by Williams
- Awake my soul, awake my eyes
Moreton - music by Knapp
- O may thy church, thy turtle dove
Montreal - music by W. Evens
- God is gone up, our Lord and king
Munich - Rippon, German
- 'Tis finish'd so the Saviour cri'd
Morpheus - music by West
- Death with his warrant in his hands
Namur - Psalms
- Bless'd is the man who shuns the place where sinners love to meet
New York - Psalm 4, Dr. Arne
- Lord thou wilt hear me when I pray
New Hundred - Watts
- Not to condemn the sons of men
New Jerusalem - Watts, Ingalls
- From the third heav'n where God resides
Newburgh - Psalm 148, Munson
- Let ev'ry creature join
Newport - music by D.Reed
- I send the joys of earth away
New York Anthem - Pope, Pring
- Vital spark of heav'nly flame
Ninety-Third, music by L. Chapin
- Come all harmonious tongues
Ninety-Fifth - music by Colton
- When I can read my title clear
Newcourt - Psalm 147, Bond
- The Lord hath eyes to give the blind
Norway - a Saphic Ode, Watts
- When the fierce north wind
Northfield - Watts, Ingalls
- How long dear Saviour, O how long
Norwich - Watts, Hibbard
- My sorrows like a flood
New Sabbath - Watts
- The Lord, how wondrous are his ways
Northampton - music by Mann
- Come we that love the Lord
Newmark - music by Bull
- Come holy spirit, heav'nly dove
Ocean - Psalm 107, Swan
- Thy works of glory, mighty Lord
Oporto - a Portuguese hymn, S. Webb
- When I survey the wondrous cross
Omega - Rippon, Wm. Jones
- Lo he cometh
Old Fiftieth - Psalm 50, Blanks
- The God of glory sends his summons forth
Paris - Watts, Billings
- This spacious earth is all the Lord's
Peckham - Watts, J. Smith
- Behold the morning sun begins his glorious way
Penitence - music by T. Smith
- To thee O God my cries ascend
Putney - Watts, Williams
- Remember Lord our mortal state
Pittsburgh- Watts
- Awake ye saints to praise your king
Paraphrase - Watts
- From all that dwell below the skies
Pleyel's Hymn - Pleyel
- So fades the lovely blooming flow'r
Pentonville - music by Lindley
- To bless thy chosen race
Portugal - Watts
- Lord when thou didst ascend on high
Resolution, music by Holden
- Great king of Zion, Lord of all
Rapture - music by Oswald
- Love divine, all loves excelling
Rainbow - Watts, Swan
- 'Tis by thy strength the mountains stand
Repentance - music by Peck
- O if my soul was form'd for woe
Redemption - Billings
- Th' eternal speaks, all heav'n attends
Rockbridge - Watts, A. Chapin
- Far from my thoughts this world begone
Rockingham - music by A. Chapin
- My God what endless pleasures dwell
Rochester - Watts, Williams
- Lord in the morning thou shalt hear
Russia - Watts, D.Reed
- False are the men of high degree
Rocky Nook - Billings
- These glorious minds, how bright they shine
Rose of Sharon - Billings
- I am the Rose of Sharon
Savannah - Billings
- O lovely appearance of death
Sutton - Watts
- Maker and sov'reigh Lord
Sutton New - Watts, Goff
- Save me O God, the swelling floods break in upon my soul
Salisbury - music by Brownson
- God of my salvation hear
- Now is the heat of youthful blood
See! He Rises - Rippon, Belknap, Holden
- Angels roll the rock away
Saints' Response - Erskine's Gospel Sonnets, Hall
- Death is to us a sweet repose
Southwell - music by Carpenter
- 'Tis finished
Suffield - Watts, King
- Teach me the measure of my days
Sophronia - Watts, King
- Forbear, my friends, forbear
Sheffield - Watts (Christmas)
- Joy to the world
Silver Street - Watts, J. Smith
- Come sound his praise abroad
Sherburn - Watts, D.Reed
- Songs of immortal praise belong to my Almighty God
Spring - Watts
- He sends his word and melts the snow
Springfield - music by Babcock
- Jesus drinks the bitter cup
Scotland - music by Shumway
Awake our souls, away our fears
Symphony - Watts, Morgan
Behold the judge descends
Thirty-Third - Watts, Tuckey
Rejoice ye righteous in the Lord
Thirty-Fourth - Tate & Brady, Stevenson
Thro' all the changing scenes of life
Thomaston - Dr. Biles, Billings
Great God how frail a thing is man
Trowbridge - Rippon, Handel
Jesus full of all compassion
St. Thomas - music by Williams
Shall wisdom cry aloud
Triumph - Rippon, Hamilson
Begone unbelief, my Saviour is near
Truro - Williams Collection
Now to the Lord a noble song
Trinity - music by Giardini
Come thou almighty king
Turin - music by Dr. Madan
Son of God, thy blessing grant
Union - music by Gillet
Once more my soul, the rising day
Unitia - music by Chapin
O tell me no more of this world's vain store
Victory - D. Reed
Now shall my head be lifted high
Virginia - Watts, Brownson
Thy words the raging winds control
Vernon - Rippon, Dwight, T. Olmstead
Yo mourning saints
Walpole - music by Wood
O if my soul was form'd for woe
Walsall - Watts, Williams
How shall the young secure their hearts
Wells - music by Holdrayd
Life is the time to serve the Lord
Waybridge - Psalm 139, Dr. Madan
Lord where shall guilty souls retire
Wareham - Watts, Dr. Arnold
Soon as I heard my Father say
Winchester - Watts, Williams
My refuge is the God of love
Winchester New - Methodist Collection of Hymns
Who is it that comes from far
Winter - Watts, D. Reed
His hoary frost, his fleecy snow descends and clothes the ground
Windham - D.Reed
Broad is the road that leads to death
Westonfavel - Williams
Come let us join our cheerful songs
Westminster - N. Shumway
Thou great and sov'reign Lord of all
Far from my thoughts, vain world begone
Westford New - Belknap's Hymnal, Holyoke
Lord to the prince of heaven our cheerful voices raise
Williamstown - Watts, Brown
Show pity Lord
Winwick - Madan
(Tune only)

Note:   Rippon, Belknap and others seem to refer to other published collections on which I need to do further research. The Watts are from Watts "Psalms and Hymns" - Charles