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Posted By: Lesley N.
02-Oct-99 - 01:41 AM
Thread Name: copyright dates - help!
Subject: RE: copyright dates - help!
I keep an introduction page on my site that addresses most of the common issues/questions I've run into over the years. It tells people what the requirements are if they want to use any music on their page, how to troubleshoot background music (and links to other places if my suggestions don't help), where else to find lyrics (mainly DT - and how to create threads here), where to find sheet music, etc. etc. One of the etcs. is about copyrights. It's one of those things I think anyone dealing with music/lyrics that they did not create themselves should address on their site.

I'm not perfect - I've got some tunes that I should find other sources for and redo - some from Burl Ives' Songbook, for example. But I didn't have another resource for them and part believes that Burl would not mind my putting the arrangements on the web. That's very presumptuous, of course, but I'll keep them there until I do find a replacement - or I'm told to "cease and desist."

I'm much more paranoid about it now than I used to be - as so many sites have been shut down. I don't fear being shut down completely, because I've documented things so well I can easily figure out which ones I'd have to pull. But if I were contacted, I would loose some really great songs and have a lot of work trying to find other arrangments ... How I wish I were a musician!!!