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Posted By: Den
01-Oct-99 - 02:33 PM
Thread Name: What is the worst song you ever heard?
Subject: RE: What is the worst song you ever heard?
Quick Cara zip out the side door and down the alley into the Mudcat Tavern. Have a couple glasheens of Paddy on my tab and we'll be around to perform the exorcism later. We'll try to rid you of the Irish Rover demons that currently torment you. I want you to understand that there could be serious side effects to this particular treatment. The entire bar must perform incantations of knock three times backwards while you hold Irish Rover records under each arm as you stand in a pail of luke warm possum milk. If that doesn't work it could mean...conventional therapy. We now hear the sound of violins ala psycho. Denwhohasbeenworkingtohardlatelyandneedssleep.