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Thread Name: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Subject: Index: Song-Garden Second Book (Mason Bros 1864)
Book: The Song-Garden (A Series of School Music Books, Progressively Arranged): Second Book
Author: Lowell Mason
Publisher: New York/Boston: Mason Brothers
Grade: no grade indicated
Date & pages: 1864, 208pp.

      SONGS [titles & first lines]
Absent friends
Adieu to winter
A fleecy cloud
After school
Ah! could I but greater be
A home shelter
All hail to thee, fair freedom's land
All the birds are here [tune: "Alle Vogel sind schon da"]
Along by the river
Alpine hunter's song
Alpine or mountain song
At sunset, when nature is seeking repose
Awake, and let your songs resound
Awake, weary sleeper
Away, away, and hail the day
Away with needless sorrow
Battle summons
Be lively, boys, be lively
Be merry now
Be merry and sing
Bim, bome, ring merry bells
Both young and old
Busily, busily, humming
But yesterday the garden
Calvary song
Changing seasons
Cherries ripe
Christmas carol No. 1
Christmas carol No. 2
Clatter, clatter
Come away, merry May!
Come, haste away
Come join our festive
Come, let us be merry
Come, roam in the woodlands
Come to the mountain
Come wreathe your brow
Death song of the Indian
Doing nothing
Down and up
Evening bell
Farewell ye dear companion
Flowing free
For many days
Friends and old companions
Friends, awake
Galloping on
Gather roses while they bloom
Glide along, our bonny boat
God bless our native land [tune: "My Country, 'Tis of Thee"]
Green are the hills
Greet the reapers
Hail to all we love
Hark! for the trumpet
Hark! from woodlands
Hark, hark the sweet, sweet chiming
Hark! the Alpine hunter's horn
Hark! the bell is ringing
Haying song
High he soars
Hold fast to truth [tune: "Winter, adieu" (German)]
Ho! my steed
How swift we go
How wearily the sentry lone
How we love these hours
I can't
I love at early morning
I'm a rover
I'm a shepherd of the valley
In faithful bonds
In flakes of a feathery white
In the silvery moonlight
In triumph advancing
I saw the lovely spring
It is not good to be for ever working
I went to the hillock
I will
"Lads," said I
Lads, we're going
Lady gay, come away
Light and shade
Light beyond the clouds
Lips may sing
Little brook
Little things
Looks, words, and deeds
Lo! the sun looks o'er the hills
Marching song
March on, our way along
Mariner spread thy sail
Memory of youthful days [tune: "Marmotte" by Beethoven]
Merrily join the holiday song
Merry May
Morning Song
Morning light
My brother caught a starling
My comrade true
My country, 'tis of thee
My home is in the meadows
My life is a pleasure
Near the margin
Near to my dwelling
New Year's song
Night winds are mournfully
No fortune has assigned me
No, no, no
Not wealth alone
Now foot in the stirrup
Now in tones full of joy
Now is the sunny time
O boatman, chant
O'er rocks and hills
O'er the foaming billows
O'er the waters gliding
Oh! the blacksmith's fine sturdy fellow
Oh, this earth of ours
On the lawn a tall tree
On Alpine heights
On the ocean
Open wide the doors
Our bonny boat
Our old clock
Oh tell me gentle river
Our native land
Pleasant on an autumn day
Pleasant smiles and glances
Rain song
Return of the soldiers
Ring, merry, merry bells
Round and round
Round the tree
See yonder rainbow
Sing we now of home
Softly blow the vernal breezes
Spring song
Summer's going
Star-eyed beauty
Stars that gem the trackless sky
Tap, tap, tap
Tell me, tell me
Tell not of bowers
The air is chill
The advantage of being small
The Alpine hunter's song
The answer of the flowers
The battle strife is ended
The blacksmith [tune: "Non piu andrai farfallone amoroso" by Mozart]
The child and the cloud
The cobbler
The death of the Cherokee
The disobedient chickens
The eagle
The emigrant's song
The ground was all covered
The hen to herself said
The herdsman's song
The little brook
The mill wheel
The oak
The poor at Christmas
The rabbit
The rain must flow
The rider's song
The sentry
The silently falling snow
The sleigh ride
The snowbird
The snow doth melt
The soldier's grave
The starling
The sun sets at night
The swing
The token
The traveler
The violet
The wander-staff
The water lily
The woods
There'll be sunshine
There's room enough
Tho' veiled in thick
Tick! tock! old clock
To school, my boy
To the woods
Tramp, tramping on
Tramping through the wood
True happiness
Truth, hope, and love
We are sons of hardy toil
We love the heroes
We march along
We wander thro' full many a land
When beneath the old tree
When first appears the light
When parting from our childhood's home
When the green leaves
When the heart-bells wearily
When the wintry winds
Who is a brave man
Will you come to the wood
Winter weather
With heart and voice
Within a garden
Work for the night is coming [tune: Work Song (hymn)]

All the day
All work and no play
At summer morn
Beauty's but an idle boast
Begin with manly courage
Beggar boy's round
Be to others ever faithful
Better poor a whole life
Birds are singing
Boat round: Glide along
Bow, wow, wow
Bright, how bright
Brightly glancing
Bring the tea tray
Call John
Cheerfulness cometh
Cold the wind
Come and join
Come and see the ripe fruit
Come and sing
Come away
Come away with rising
Ome, come, come
Come follow
Come, joyous hearts
Come quickly
Come to the top
Content gives peace
Cuckoo! hear ye the song
Daylight is fading
Do, Re, Mi
Early to bed
Far beyond all studied
From our duty shall be
Fruitful fields are waving
Gentle tones
Give me songs
Glide along
Great Tom is cast
Hail to the day
Happy to meet
Hark! the bell is ringing
Hark! the voice
Hast thou a sorrow
He who does not love a song
Higher yet
Horse to trot
Hours in earnest study
How sweert the birds
I am tired of this solfaing
I could if I would
If a body [words, not the melody, from "Comin' through the rye"]
I'll begin
If the country
Jack, boy, ho, boy
Lads and lassies
Laurel wreathes
Let our grateful songs
Let our voices
Let us, dear brothers
Let your pleasures
Life's a ship
Lo, the waving grain
Love your neighbor
Marching onward
May the care of Heaven
My little dog
No, no, no
Not too great
Now be firm
Now in solemn tones
Now sing aloud
Now the sun sinks
Now to all
Now we dash way
Now we will sing
Oh! how bright
O please to give a penny
Order is heaven's first law
Over mountain
Packing up
Past ten o'clock
Pluck ye roses
Rich is the treasure
Round and round
See the sunlight
Shut the door
Since I chanced to see you
Sing it over
Sing of mountains
Sing of our country
Sing we now in
Slowly moving
Soap and water
Softly fades
Spring is coming
Step softly
Summer days
Sunbeams on the mountains
Sweetly now at evening
take they resting
That well we prize
The beggar boy
The bell is cast
The cuckoo
The merry month begins
The mill wheel
The noblest hero
The prisoner's escape
The trumpet signal
Thirty days are in
Thomas and Andrew
Thou poor bird
Too much haste
Too warm the day
To the praise of truth
Troubles never last
Trouble unbidden
Unto others always do
Up and down
Up in the morning
Wake, now wake [tune: "Three Blind Mice"]
Warble for us
Water falling
Watchman's call
Welcome spring
We oft do say
We waited for an omnibus
What cannot be cured
When anger comes
When a weary task
When the sun sets clear
When the winds do blow
Whither through the verdant meadow
Who contended is
Who sows good seed
Why complain
Why will you go
Will you go
With all thy soul
With cheerful hands
With early morning light
With gentle voice

Around the throne
Awake, my soul
Behold the morning sun
Be thou, O God, exalted
Blest are the pure
Blest are the sons
Blest be thou, O God
By cool Siloam's
Calm me, my God
Cast they burden
Come, said Jesus' sacred voice
Come seek the Lord
Come sound his praise
Continually, continually
Father, take my hand
From all that dwell
Gently, Lord, oh, gently
Give thanks to God
Give to the winds
God bless our native land [tune: "My Country, 'Tis of Thee"]
God is Love
Happy the home
Heavenly Father, grant
Heavenly Shepherd, guide me [tune: Sicilian Mariners]
He who hath trusted
How gentle God's
How precious is the book
How shall the young
In God the Lord
I thank the goodness
Kingdoms and thrones
Let children hear
Lift up to God
Like the eagle
Long as I live
Lord, in the morning
My God, my Father
My soul inspired
Nearer to thee [= "Nearer, my God, to Thee"]
No change of time
O God, our Father
Oh, bless the Lord
Oh, cease, my wandering
Oh, happy is the man
Oh, that the Lord
O Lord, our fathers oft
O Thou in whom
Our Father God
Praise, oh praise
Praise to Thee
Praise the Lord
Remember thy Creator
Sister, thou wast mild
Sweet is the memory
Swell the anthem
The Lord is King
The Lord is my shepherd
The Lord is rich
The Lord is wise
The pity of the Lord
There is a city
There is a stream
Thou great Instructor
Thou King of Earth
Through all the changing
Thy name, Almighty
To thy pleasures
When the glorious day
While Thee I seek
With humble heart
Worship, honor, glory
Ye nations round the earth [tune: Old Hudredth]

God be merciful
I will lift up mine eyes
Make a joyful noise
Oh, give thanks unto
The Lord is my shepherd
The Lord's Prayer