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Posted By: beadie
21-May-04 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Best Movies You'd Never Heard Of??
Subject: RE: BS: Best Movies You'd Never Heard Of??
One of my faves has always been * In G.O.D. we Tru$t *.

Marty Feldman as a Trappist monk sent into LA to find help for the monastery in raising money. Who better to assist in this worthy cause than a TV evangelist known for his skills in charming the faithful out of their cash who goes by the name of the Rev. Armageddon T. Thunderbird (Andy Kaufmann in a wicked sendup of TV preachers everywhere). It seems that the rev speaks directly to G.O.D. (actually, the General Operating Director, a computer voiced by Richard Pryor).

In his travels, Feldman encounters the obligatory good-hearted hooker (Louise Lasser) and another, more itinerant, preacher (Peter Boyle) who rails against the religious establishment.

I'm not entirely certain why, but I don't think that this film has ever made it into the mainstream video rental market. I have seen individual copies offered for sale on the internet, but never in stores.