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21-May-04 - 11:00 AM
Thread Name: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Book: The Juvenile Singing School
Author: Lowell Mason and G.J. Webb
Publisher: Boston: J.H. Wilkins, & R.B. Carter
Grade: no grade indicated
Date: 1839 [According to John Alfred Nietz, Old Textbooks (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1961, p. 347), this is the third earliest school songbook in the United States.]

From the index of first lines (tiles are in the parentheses; notes in square brackets are mine):

Across the lake (The Bugle Horn)
Awake! awake! the pearly dew drops (The morning horn)
Awake! awake! 'tis dawn
Awake ye, awake!
Away! away, we've a holiday (Holiday Song)
Away with pouting and with pining
Before all lands in east or west
Be sacred truth, my son, thy guide
Cheerily, cheerily sound the merry strain (All are here)
Children go, to and fro
Come and see the ripe fruit falling (Autumn)
Come away, come away (Swiss Boy)
Come, come, come (Summer song)
Come, sound the merry tabor! sound
Come, soft and lovely evening
Every fruit is mellow (Harvest song)
Flowers, wild-wood flowers
Friends, awake! (The morning call)
Glide along, our bonny boat (The bonny boat)
Go at moonlight's fairy hour (Forget me not)
God is near thee (Be of good cheer)
Hail! all hail! thou merry month of May
Haste thee, winter, haste away [tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"]
How sweet the sound (Bugle song)
How soft and lovely (May song)
If I've fulfilled my daily task aright (Evening song)
I know a fountain clear and bright
I know a kindly angel (The child's angel)
I love the little laughing rill (The rivulet)
In the thick and grassy wood (The Strawberry)
I saw at morning a floweret blue (The floweret)
Lo! the blithesome lark is soaring (The Lark)
Morn amid the mountains
Morning is breaking
Murmur gentle lyre (Night song)
Near a silvery fountain (My home)
Night is stealing (Evening twilight)
Night's gloomy shades are flying (Summer)
Not the little circle round us (The wide world)
Now nature smiles (Spring)
Now night is gone (Morning)
Now the sun is in the west (The Cuckoo)
Now the sun with burning glare (Summer)
Of late so brightly glowing (Lovley Rose)
Oh, happy as the day is long (A pure heart)
Oh, how brightly, how brightly (Swiss Boy)
Once, bright gpddess, thou wast smiling (To music)
On the stormy ocean
O say, busy bee [tune: "O Du Lieber Augustin (Did You Ever See A Lassie?)"]
Our youthful hearts for learning burn (Away to school)
Out in a beautiful field (The pear tree)
Over the mountain
See how calmly (Song of peace)
See our airy bubble (The soap bubble)
See, the day with rosy light
See the shining dew drops (God is ever good)
See the morning star so bright
See yonder rainbow (The Rainbow)
Shall school acquaintance be forget (Auld Lang Syne) [non-alcoholic words]
Shall we oppressed with sadness
Stars of heaven that gaze on me
Summer joys are o'er (Winter Song)
Sweet spring is nigh
Sweet Summer days are declining (Departure of Summer)
The eastern hills are glowing (The rising sun)
The flowers again are fresh and fair
The lovely moon hath risen (Evening Song)
The silvery moon
The sweet birds are winging
This world is all a mighty choir
Through woodlands wild (Song of the birds)
'Tis dawn, 'tis dawn, 'tis dawn (Morning, noon and night)
'Tis winter, winter far and wide
When descends the golden sun
When the dawn is faintly breaking (The Postillion)
When the first faint morning's ray (The herdsman's flute)
Wilt thou hear a song to charm thee (Song of the Bees)
Would you list to the lay of a mountain boy