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Posted By: Cuilionn
18-May-04 - 07:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Best Movies You'd Never Heard Of??
Subject: RE: BS: Best Movies You'd Never Heard Of??
A few auld favourites o mine:

Everything directed by Frank Capra (read his autobiography fairst, then treat yersel tae a wee film fest o his maevies!)

Everything featuring Katherine Hepburn (Here's tae her, wha's like her!)

Metropolis (Luddite Android Labor-Rights Melodrama, circa 1920, originally silent but a techno-rock "soundtrack" was added in the 1980s. Ye can turn the sound aff if ye dinnae care for it!)

Bicentennial Man (Luddite Android Labor-Rights Melodrama, circa 2001. Bonus: luik for the dining room chairs. They were made by in the Arts & Crafts style by a friend o mine, an this wee commission fed ma friend's hoosehaud for mair than a month!)

Milagro Beanfield War (Big meanies vs. local peasants.)

Hairspray (Sairt o a parody o ither sock-hop musicals, but brilliant & funny & e'en a wee bit meaningfu!

The Linguini Incident (If Ah recall aricht, this features baith David Bowie AND Marlee Matlin. Bizarre & Funny.)

Leaving Normal (Naebody seems tae ken this ane but me. Ah LOVED it. Possibly ma verra favourite. Forget "Thelma & Louise". THIS is the ultimate women's road trip maevie, and it's NO a tragedy!)

Enjoy yir Film-Fest!