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Posted By: Cluin
17-May-04 - 02:14 PM
Thread Name: Help needed - loss of gloss!!
Subject: RE: Help needed - loss of gloss!!
I agree with Clinton on the character of worn and well-played-in instruments, but not with him as regards gloss finishes.

My one guitar with a satin finish (a Guild)... though I like the look of the finish, it develops a continual waxy-sort-of buildup where my fingertips and pleck brush the top during strumming. I have to use a Q-Tip and alcohol periodically top get it off. I suppose it might be coming off the picguard, but it builds up there too. I've never had this problem with any of my gloss-finish guitars. And none of them have a muddy tone or I'd have gotten rid of them.

And, in a sort of counterpoint to Strolling Johnny's experience: where my arm rests on the top has definitely developed a glossy appearance.