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Posted By: WFDU - Ron Olesko
07-May-04 - 03:31 PM
Thread Name: Let's update 'Sensitive New Age Guys'
Subject: RE: Let's update 'Sensitive New Age Guys'
Your reaction, while it is honest to you, is very slanted Thomas. You are certainly entitled to it. I am also entitled to feel that you are overacting and mis-interpreting the intent of the song.

People can read anything they want - if you want to think Puff the Magic Dragon is a song about drugs you can, if you interpret it as a an environmental song you can, if you think it is a dramtic retelling of an ancient folktale - go for it. Most of us take the song for the children's song that Peter Yarrow intended it to be.   

It appears that you, and others on this list, are taking some very serious issues and trying to force your interpretation of Christine's motives and delivery on the song in question. "Humor as a weapon, to be used against others"?   If you take the time, every single joke or witty line could "be used against others".   

Lighten up people!!!    The issues that you bring up are real, but don't try to pin it on this simple song.