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Posted By: Thomas the Rhymer
07-May-04 - 11:14 AM
Thread Name: Let's update 'Sensitive New Age Guys'
Subject: RE: Let's update 'Sensitive New Age Guys'
...are you nervous 'cause you recognize yourself and wonder just how friendly the ribbing is?...

No Em, don't flatter yourself. We're nervous, because the biases you display with a question like this are distructive to the growth and development of healthy human relations. Hidden in the closets of these thoughts are some very superior notions... fed by the media... that women have of themselves in relation to men. The nervousness is much akin to the 'pity' a victim feels toward their aggressor... the full knowledge that 'the powerful one' is making a mistake that is costing you both far too much...

or because of the classic "damned if you do, damned if you don't" dilemma of modern men trying to find the proper balance between sexy machismo and endearing sweetness, on behalf of us hard-to-please ladies? -----------

OK... I'm gonna try here... The very notion that it is all about us men trying to please hard to please women is just toxic nonsense, imo. Untill women live up to their responsibilities as 'guidance systems' for men, and remember to act with love... this world is going to be laden with violence, drugs, divorce and war. So, while you pull the strings of conflict, 'ladies'... playing men off of each other to engender that 'sexy machismo' that 'gets you off'... Know that there are many of us (men and women) who find equality very satisfying, don't lose our sexual identity (or appetite for that matter) in compassion, and find the evolution of deeply rooted heterosexual interplay... deeply arousing.


And yes, there are many of us also... who are intrinsicly turned off by parteners who try to 'take advantage of us'... to the exclusion of intimacy and the exhaltation of heterogender communicativeness.

If it wasn't so sad,'d be funny.