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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
03-May-04 - 08:36 PM
Thread Name: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Subject: Index: BBC Time & Tune Series
In Britain, apart from the book noted above (The National Song Book) and another book (Folk Songs of Many Lands: Curwen), the major educational influence has been small song books issued by the BBC (British Broadcating Corporation) for use in schools, titled Time & Tune. For these, the versions for junior schools (age 7-11) are The contents of which (for those I hold) are below.

BBC time & tune Series

Spring Term 1955
The riddle; (A little man is standing within the wood)
The Barnyard Song; (I had a cat, and the cat pleased me)
Oliver Cromwell lay buried and dead
The Fox (Fox you must bring back my goose)
The Merry Cobbler ( A merry cobbler man am I. Tra, la-de-dee-ra)

Spring Term 1960
The tree in the valley-o
Turn The Glasses Over (I've been to Harlem, I've been to Dover)
John Smith, Fellow Fine (... can you shoe this horse of mine)
My Household (Pretty Percy Perky is the name of my turkey)
No More Will I Go A-Wooding (trans. C K Offer)
The Jolly Miller (There was a jolly miller and he lived by himself)

Autumn 1960
There was an old woman (...lived under the stairs)
One little brown bird (up and up he flew)
There was a monkey (.climbed a tree, When he fell down, down fell he)
Gloucestershire Wassail (Wassail, Wassail all over the town)
The Riddle; (A little man is standing within the wood)

Spring Term 1961
Jack Jintle (My name is Jack Jintle, the eldest but one)
The Frog & The Crow (A jolly fat frog lived in the river swim-o)
Spring Carol (Let us sing with hearts o'er flowing)
The Grey hawk (once I had a grey hawk, and a pretty grey hawk)
Over The Hills And far Away (Tom he was a piper's son)
One Misty Moisty Morning

Autumn 1963
This old man (he played one)
Oliver Cromwell (lay buried & dead)
Water Wagtail (Water, water wagtail, How many children have you)
The Great Don Gato
It's Raining Cats, It's Raining Dogs
As Joseph was a-walking

Summer 1965
Frog went a-courtin'
I got a robe
The Cowboy's Lament (As I walked out in the streets of Laredo)
Cowboy Spring (It is spring, the daisies are bursting out)
The Courtship (Old woman, Old woman, are you good at spinning?)

Spring '94
Tongo (Traditional Polynesian Song)
The Song of the Winter Wind (Words & music Chris Williams)
Pandur, pandur (16th Century dance tune by Phalese)
The Pickety Fence (W&M by Daviv McCord)
I Want To Rise (Trad. American, by Janet Wheeler)
Singing in the bath (W&M by Lin Marsh)
Janie Mama (Trad Calypso round)
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (W&M Livingstone/David/Hoffman) - looks like song from Disney's Cinderella !
My old banjo (I u-lu-lused to play-lay-lay my ol-ol-old ban-jo-lo-lo)
The Court of King Caractacus (trad. arr. Janet Wheeler)

All the above come complete with simple melody. I'm happy to scan and send on if required