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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
20-Apr-04 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: johnny doughty's golden vanity
Subject: Tune Add: THE GOLDEN VANITY (from Johnny Doughty)
T:The Golden Vanity
S:Johnny Doughty, Brighton, 1976. Recorded by Mike Yates.
B:Roy Palmer, Everyman's Book of British Ballads, 1980, 108-110.
N:Child 286, Roud 122
F|B2 B3/2c/ B2 D3/2E/|F3/2G/FD B, 3D/D/|
w:A fair ship is mine, called the Gol-den Va-ni-ty, And she
(ED)(EF) (GA)Bd|(cB)(AG) F3 F/F/|GFGA BcBD|
w:sails_ just_ now_ by the north_ coun_try, But I fear that she'll be ta-ken by the
DCBD (DC)B,D|F2 F3/2E/ D2 C2|B,6 "(a) Chorus" F3/2E/|
w:Spa-nish Gal-lal-lee,_ As we sailed by the low-lands low. By the
D4 F4|B6 FF|(GA)B3/2c/ B2 A2|B6 z||
w:low-lands low, As we sailed_ by the low-lands low.
"Var.(a) for last verse, add:"FF|GGGA BcBD|DCBD DCB,D|F2F3/2E/ D2 C2|B,6|]