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Posted By: Bat Goddess
16-Apr-04 - 09:45 PM
Thread Name: Curmudgeon Hospitalized
Subject: RE: Curmudgeon Hospitalized
Gravity and fatigue are catching up with me -- didn't sleep much last night and been moving at a million miles an hour in my head, making lists, prioritizing lists, making lists of lists, etcet etcet. I think I was probably too tired to be behind the wheel on my way home from the hospital -- I took it slow and deliberate and more than likely totally annoyed the drivers behind me.

Anyway, here's an update. Gotta be quick cuz I still have several phone calls to make before I fall asleep face first in my glass of wine.

Tom had the angiogram (cardiac catheterization) this morning and was just getting back to his room when I got there this morning. This procedure necessitates complete immobilization of the right leg (he was allowed to wiggle his toes but nothing else) and his head and upper body couldn't be at greater than a 30 degree angle and not move his head much. Well, trust me, that got old fast and he was soon curmudging and growing grumpier and grumpier. Add to that the fact that male plumbing doesn't like to work in that position and he was being goaded on by staff and diuretics. Then his back started to hurt and he didn't get meds until not long before he was able to move around a bit again. He, of course, took it like a man . . . meaning that he was exceptionally grumpy and complained loudly. (I think that also means he was feeling better.)

Anywho, it appear from the information we were able to pry out of the doctor that he will be moved on Monday to Portsmouth Hospital, the best cardiac facility in the area, and Tuesday have an aortic valve replacement and bypass.

He's looking a lot better than he has in some time and he slept well last night for the first time in many months.

He's going to come out of this in much, much better shape than he's been in for a long time.

Nothing, of course gets done on weekends, so he'll be at Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH until Monday. Dover has a main drag (Central Ave) that goes straight north through town. The hospital is on the north side of town on the right -- can't miss it. (789 Central Ave.) He'd love visitors. He's in Room 336B. Phone number is 603-742-5252.

I went to the Press Room session for a little while tonight to update everyone (and eat, I'd sort of forgotten to do that since I had some bread pudding for breakfast before dashing off). Then I went back to the hospital and realized somebody was turning up the gravity at a fearsome clip.

No, Charley, he doesn't have access to any music; just TV (mostly the Food Channel -- yay, Emeril!) He was in much better humor when I got back, being able to move about a bit and all.

I'm having a couple people run out this thread to take to him sometime this weekend -- he's looking forward to reading it!

Thanks, everyone, for all your prayers, good thoughts, advice, oh, and just for being! Mudcat is an incredible place full of incredible people.